The Tooth Brigade Blue Bundle

The Tooth Brigade Blue Bundle - Gabrielle&

The Tooth Brigade Blue Bundle

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Meet The Tooth Brigade Blue Bundle! 

Here comes Blue - the stars of “The Adventures of The Tooth Brigade"! - a story about three friends who help out The Tooth Fairy. After the adventure, all your wiggly tooth questions are answered. There is even a Tooth Tracker, to keep up with fallen baby teeth! Meet Blue. Blue's mouth is perfect to hold teeth, money, prizes, and surprises!

This The Tooth Brigade Blue Bundle is such a sweet idea to incorporate the tooth fairy in a fun & different way! 

  • Blue is an 8” tooth pillow - flat enough to fit under a pillow but huggable enough to sleep with every night.
  • Arms, legs, horns, and tails make Blue easy to find and grab.
  • Blue comes with a lost tooth token for those times that a tooth goes missing (or falls down a sink!)

This bundle can ship in a day.

Gabrielle's Biloxi, MS

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