French Kande Silver Marmonde Necklace - Gabrielle's Biloxi

French Kande Silver Marmonde Necklace

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When I count my blessings, I count you twice- French Kande Silver Marmonde Necklace

This necklace features a Champagne chain, exclusive Marmonde bezel and Saint Benedict Medallion. Totally stunning all by itself and even better when paired with another one of our designs.

 The French Kande Silver Marmonde Necklace is the perfect touch of shine to your style!

  • Adjustable 14.5”-17.5”
  • Sterling Silver Plated 
  • FKP27-Z-S-STB
  • “This medallion is worn or carried to call down God’s blessing and protection upon us, our homes and possessions regardless of where we are. It represents a prayer for strength in time of temptation and for peace among ourselves and all nations of the world.”

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Gabrielle’s Biloxi, MS.

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