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Root Hosta Candle

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Give Your Room A Crisp & Clean Fragrance With Our Root Hosta Candle 

Close your eyes and imagine you are walking through a rainforest with fresh leaves and flowers around you. This candle will definitely take you there! It features leafy greens, green apple and rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, hyacinth, and plumeria flowers. Root backstory: Amos Ives Root was inspired to start a beekeeping business when a swarm of bees landed on the window of his jewelry store. That simple event created a company that has become synonymous with beekeeping, honey, pure beeswax, and the highest quality candles. Today, they still rely on the purity and naturalness of beeswax and bees that inspired Amos Ives Root.

Root Hosta Candle will make your room smell oh so fresh, like you are walking through a rain forest. 

  • 10.5oz burn time: up to 70 hours 
  • Poured into a glass jar that can be reused for bathroom essentials
  • Beeswax blend
  • Made in the USA
This candle usually ships within the same day - Keep your home smelling fresh! 

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