Mixologie Gift Set - Gabrielle's Biloxi
Mixologie Gift Set - Gabrielle's Biloxi
Mixologie Gift Set - Gabrielle's Biloxi

Mixologie Gift Set

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A Unique Gift They Are Sure To Love - Give Our Mixologie Gift Set!

Are you looking for a special type of gift instead of the same old go-tos? All too often, the joy of giving a gift is diluted by the pressure of finding the “right thing.” So you put it off. Search, scramble, and ultimately you either settle or splurge. A meaningless gift card stuck inside an envelope. Try this must-have Gift Set by Mixologie. Made up of eight bespoke rollerball fragrances designed to be layered and blended so that you can create scents to perfectly suit any mood or occasion. The set includes several recipe cards to get you started, but the real fun starts when you create your own recipes. Each fragrance in the collection has been expertly crafted to ensure that each and every combination smells beautiful, intentional, and uniquely you.

The Mixologie Gift Set is the gift for gift-givers and ladies who like nice gifts. Because it’s perfume, it’s classic. Because it’s eight blendable scents, it’s unpredictable. You can't go wrong with this! And, since all the  scents are amazing in any absolutely any combination, it’s a new experience every time she opens the box.


  • Sultry (wild musk)
  • Assured (natural)
  • Electric (citrus twist)
  • Inspired (rose floral)
  • Free (ocean mist)
  • Serene (light floral)
  • Tenacious (crisp vanilla)
  • Tender (fruity)

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Gabrielle's Biloxi, MS

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